2 Ways to Make Money with Self-Storage

Self-storage properties are appearing all across America at a very rapid pace. While some look at these blossoming properties as a flood that will cause their value to drop, savvy investors see the potential to make an exponential return on their investment. Contrarians believe that these properties are sitting empty or have a meager occupancy percentage. In reality, quite the opposite is true. Many are full and have waiting lists for when a unit is vacated.

Why Is Self-Storage So Popular?

The trend towards downsizing has spread far and wide. People are looking for less square footage to heat, cool, and maintain. What they are not willing to do is part with their prized possession, keepsakes, and family heirlooms. They also know that they do not need to have instant access to these items. So, they opt to become one of the 10% of the population to have a storage unit. It ticks all the boxes, from being affordable to eliminating the guilt of parting with these treasures of the past. All of this for the bargain price of about a hundred bucks a month.

Getting Your Piece of The Construction Pie

Very few investors have the $8.3 million needed to build a complete self-storage facility. Sure, the reward is incredible when you double your money, but the numbers are too large for the average person to swing. However, when you can buy in on a percentage of these great deals, you have the opportunity to double your money, just like a multi-million dollar investor. The process used by Legacy Built opens the door for the average investor to make money on the boom of the self-storage industry.

Pride in Ownership

Looking for a great return on your investment? Would you be happy with an average of 10%? That is the historical performance of Legacy Built self-storage facility investments. You might be looking at self-storage as a risky investment, but the numbers are working in your favor. Small companies own nearly 80% of the properties. These are the ones that are struggling to keep the lights on and the doors open. And when they falter, a large group or company like Legacy Built is ready to step in and purchase the property at a bargain rate. Then, with a few improvements in security, management, and maintenance of the facility, the value and occupancy skyrocket. Then you and all the other investors reap the long-term and steady return on your investment.

Plan Your Legacy

Passive income is the way of the future and building a solid future for your family. You can work two jobs, never have time with your loved ones, and spend your entire life stressing to leave a little nest egg to your family. Or, you can invest with Legacy Built and let them do the work for you. Invest in a self-storage property that earns millions a year, and let the pros build your legacy for you.